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Message started by Joe on Jul 7th, 2011 at 8:47am

Title: No mans land...
Post by Joe on Jul 7th, 2011 at 8:47am
The night began like most other nights.  I started watching TV to give myself a head start on getting to sleep.  After an hour or so I turned off the TV and got comfortable.  I knew I would get to sleep pretty fast because I was tired, very tired actually, but that’s not part of this story.  As I lay there I felt myself drifting off, honestly it felt pretty cool.  Not many people actually feel themselves fall asleep.  Most of the time we just don’t recall what happened and wake up the next morning, but not this time.

I don’t know if it was because it felt so cool or if I just was unable to turn my mind off.  To some degree I am glad I stuck with it because what happened next was both an awesome experience and one of the most terrifying of my life.  As I lay there falling asleep I wanted to be sure this was really happening.  I did the only thing I knew I could do, I opened my eyes…

It was dark.  I know that is a silly thing to say, sure, of course it was going to be dark, it was at night… duh!  However I expected to see some light.  My wife was in the living room watching some TV, in fact, where was the door?!  At that point I realized I wasn’t laying down either, but rather standing because then my eyes began to adjust to the darkness.  I looked down and saw that I was standing on a road.

Now at this point I had a, whoohooo!!! moment, I mean really, who actually gets to be ‘awake’ in a dream? It was very dark, things were coming into focus, so… I did what anyone would do in that situation.  I started moving my arms around and pointing in the distance, nearby, everywhere, and thinking of things and ways I wanted things to change.  After all, it’s my dream, I should be able to change things to make it anyway I want.

After a few minutes I realized I was powerless and must look kind of silly.  I also felt sad, it’s my dream, what gives??  I wanted it to be light out, on a beach, drinking a beer… oh wait, that’s a commercial.  Anyway, I wanted it something less boring than a road in the middle of nowhere at night.  Now is where things started getting freaky. 

I started walking, what else was there to do?  I could smell the night air, cool and damp, feel the road under my feet, even the crunch of the dirt on the pavement.  I could even make out the dashed road lines, the road was flat and apparently you could pass here.  If only I could make a car appear.  It was aged, something that had seen many a sunny day. 

Off in the distance, I mean far in the distance I could see headlights.  They weren’t moving very fast and honestly if I had to guess how far away they were I would say 50-100 miles.  I did mention it was flat out there.  All of a sudden I got a feeling that I wasn’t alone.  You know that strange feeling in the dark, you can’t see it, but you know there were eyes on you?  I stopped walking, I sure wasn’t going to do the old cliché and ‘walk into the light’, I am crazy, but that crazy.  At this point I had no idea if this was a dream or not.  I started to get the idea that I should get out of there, but where would I go?

Title: Re: No mans land...
Post by Joe on Jul 7th, 2011 at 8:52am
As I stood there thinking I became aware of my physical body.  I could feel my head on my pillow, my body laying in bed.  I was frozen, had no ability to move.  This isn’t the first time I had a dream-body awareness, I hope it isn’t the last because it’s a really cool experience.  It’s like being in two places at once.  But this one was different.  I felt pain.  I couldn’t tell you what kind of pain, but it was there, and not something I would be screaming about, but it was there.  I tried to wake up, after all, things were getting freaky in the no man’s land, the car now was closer, still a long way out, but I could see it getting closer.

I did everything I could to wake up, I tried rolling over, but nothing.  Then I went back to basics, I would just open my mouth.  But I couldn’t, my muscles where frozen, almost in a cramped state, I felt them getting tight.  I then mustered every bit of inner power I ever figured to have and focused my thoughts and energy to try to get out of this dark, scary, well boring place.  It worked!  In what felt like a sudden whoosh of feeling and energy I was back.  The absolute reverse of what got me into that place got me out.  My memory was intact, but now I wondered.  Could I get back…

I lay back down and tried to do the same thing I did to start with. We all have done it, getting work up from a dream, we try to go back into it.  But like most of them, I too couldn’t get back.  I felt the drifting, the slow progression into sleep, and the almost but instant shift in time to when my alarm work me up.  When I woke up this morning questions started floating around my head, was it a dream, was it something else.

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