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Message started by Joe on Jun 28th, 2007 at 3:56pm

Title: Why is it so hard to get to the moon
Post by Joe on Jun 28th, 2007 at 3:56pm
I was sitting here today asking myself the question, WHY is it so hard to get to the moon?

I see they are going to charge 100 Million dollars to take a fly-by moon trip.  for that price I better be able to build a house on the moon.

here are some questions I am pondering currently...

why cant the average joe build some type of device that can leave the earth and reenter ...why does it have to be such a freakish machine?

if an F-18 can fly to the roof of the world, how hard could it honestly be to kick in an afterburner and just pull up a bit?

why not devise a way to counter all gravity, that way its not a factor and you simply press the UP button?

if gravity is a force that is generated by something, either by mass or some other means, then its only logical that you can build something that will give a counter force, anti-gravity that will then null out the affect and therefore have zero G while inside a G situation?

everything so far is based on energy, mostly in the form of heat, seems that if its so costly to extract energy from heat, there should be a better way.  perhaps therein lies the answer to the issue of having enough power to generate an anti-gravity field.

I doubt anti-gravity its as complex as bending space and time, its a force, you counter it with an anti-force. picture a baseball flying at your head, you counter the force of the ball with your hand, result is NULL the ball stops, and is then present in your hand. too much counter force the ball stops and then reverses direction.  so in reality you could use anti-grav to actually move away from objects

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