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Message started by Joe on Oct 19th, 2005 at 9:05am

Title: Time travel...
Post by Joe on Oct 19th, 2005 at 9:05am
Have you ever wondered if you could go back in time? Well you can, but you can't.  Let me explain.

Lets say you build a time machine.  Why did you? For this example, lets say you want to go back and stop something from happening.

Now, you build the machine, go back in time and prevent what ever it was from taking place.  What happens now? If you think about it, at that exact moment the very desire you had to build the machine in the future would never have taken place.  So, you never went back in time, and instantly everything you prevented happens anyway.

There are two possible things regarding time travel that I can foresee,

One: You can only go back to observe and never can you interfere with anything that has happened or will happen.  You will not be able to do so.

Two: You would have to disconnect your self from space time and become in the past.  Since your no longer connected to the future your not affected by it.  This prospect is often times the most interesting to ponder.

However, unless you have taken the machine with you, its a one way trip.  There is no way back.  Well, unless you build yet another machine using the parts and such from that time frame and send yourself back to the future.

BUT, this opens another can of worms.  How can we go forward?  It hasn't happened yet!

You have to understand, we are always going forward.  The only way to "go forward" would be to suspend yourself, I would hope also protect yourself from aging.  However, if you was to suspend yourself with a targeted time to revive yourself, yes you went forward in time.

So what does all this mean? You can go forward, but you probably cant ever go back.

Title: Re: Time travel...
Post by jojogrl on Aug 23rd, 2006 at 8:54pm
Lets say you could have one. I think the most fun thing to do with a time machine is to visit your future or former self. It is stupid to visit yourself from 5 minutes in the past or future, but many a smarty-pants has suggested those destinations to me. This is why only very few people should be allowed to have time machines. I could visit myself from the present one time. After all, there's only one me at any given time, and the me that is me constantly occupies the present so there can't be another one there for me to meet. Or I could,  go to 4 years ago and hop on up and visit me from now. That's a good idea,I'll send my time machine back to me

I must never have gotten one, because I never came and returned it to me nor did I automatically have it from then. Though even if I had had it from then, I still sent it away already so I wouldn't have it now anyway.
OK, now my brain really hurts <grin>.

Title: Re: Time travel...
Post by Joe on Sep 12th, 2006 at 10:42am
ouch! :) lol

Title: Re: Time travel...
Post by Joe on May 18th, 2010 at 7:31pm
Something hit me today.

Time travel might very well be possible, and not only that, but is recorded in our own history.

Think back if you will to any random, unexplained thing in your past, or for that matter is any part of history.  Could it not be possible that the event your thinking of was influenced by someone from the future?

Throughout history, figures have popped up and vanished as quickly, but had a lasting effect on time as we know it.  Most notable would be most if not all situations that deal with religion.

I know, just follow me here.

A man, more or less comes out of nowhere, but possess power beyond any normal human being.  To name a few, healing the sick, raising the dead, and coming back to life after being killed.  Given the understanding of the time, you could take any of those situations then and reproduce them today, in fact that and more are done on a daily bases as we know it.  But what if someone in the distant future saw the need to create a situation to prevent society as we know it from going crazy.  They could go back, use their advance technology and return to the future and we, honestly, wouldn’t have a clue, and to top it off, most people would think it was a, well, miracle.

Taking religion out of this, there is possible evidence of such meddling today.  One that came to mind was “spontaneous remission from cancer”

What if, 50 years from now time travel was there, and like anything today, you had to pay to use it.  Your use of choice, to heal your mother so you could have more time with her in the past.   A person could in theory go back to a very specific time, use whatever was  needed to heal said person and then return to the future.  Not a soul would have a clue and would write it off as a miracle.

Why you might ask, would the future people not just come back and cure everyone.  Simply put, there is no profit in that, and as you might have guessed, everything today is about making a buck.  I suspect in the future it would not be much different.

Ok, back on point here.

If you was to take all major, super human folks from the past, you could draw a parallel that could point to, well, meddling of the time line.  You would have to make small changes, this b/c any major change would not doubt backfire and cause more damage than good.

It really is hard to ponder what time was like, before such things would have been changed or put in place.  For that matter, how many times did we as humans destroy ourselves, how many times did things go so nasty wrong that someone, somewhere took it upon themselves to change, perhaps even a little thing that put us on a path that not only kept us from melting down, but ended up better for it?

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